Welcome to Early Learning Center!


Welcome to the Early Learning Center

Our focus is to build a strong foundation of learning in kindergarten! Our innovative teaching team implements a dynamic, challenging curriculum and seeks to provide creative learning opportunities and differentiated instruction to allow each student to grow to his or her unique potential. Throughout the year, we strive to build a partnership between home and school and to foster a lifetime love of learning for our students.

It is our mission to provide a strong, nurturing academic foundation and a positive first experience for all students attending ELC. We are blessed to have an incredible team of teachers, parents, volunteers, and community members all uniting to form a powerful partnership for learning and to help us achieve our mission.

Whether you're a first-time parent entrusting your little one to our care or a returning family continuing the journey, we are honored to be a part of this pivotal chapter in your child's life. Welcome to the Early Learning Center family, where learning is an adventure and friendships last a lifetime. Let's make magical memories and lay the foundation for a bright and promising future!

Visitors to school are required by state law to report to the office whenever they enter a school building. Please make sure you stop at the office to sign in and sign out when entering and leaving the building and wear a visitor's badge for the safety of the students. Thank you!

The Early Learning Center focuses on academic, social and emotional growth. Come check out our well-rounded learning environments on Monday, March 11th and Pre-Register for Kindergarten! For more information on this event: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1asKwxNlB6mPm0KQMEP92LL4UWgbnNCIC/viewKindergarten Preview
This Childcare Scholarship can help provide support to Effingham County residents who need financial assistance and do not qualify for CCAP. If your employment opportunities are limited due to childcare costs, then the Effingham County Childcare Scholarship Program could be the support you need. Click here to learn more: https://www.groweffinghamcountyil.com/clientuploads/Effingham_County_Childcare_Scholarship_Application-7.1.23_Updated_CCAP.pdfChildcare Scholarship

Calling All Kindergarteners! The Early Learning Center in Effingham Unit 40 has a preregistration process for kindergarten for each school year. Please feel free to call ELC at 217-540-1460 with questions or to get the process started.

Click here to download a copy of our preregistration flyer to share with family and friends. 

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